2013 is gonna be big for me.
I felt that time has forces me to do something more. 
Make new friends.
Invent some good habits.
I feel happy, yet terrified rite now.
Time is running out but I want to try anything new and good.
with all your bless, God.
help me and I'll try to make it.
my dreams.




Gothenburg, Goteborg, is the second largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm.
First time I arrived there, like, three months ago, from Paris, I'm the only black-haired girl there.
Most of the passengers are blondes.
As cold as scandinavia can be, first time I stepped out the airport, daaamn, super cold.
So cold that the breeze just went through my lungs.
And the native language there was just so.... strange hahaha I never heard any sweddish languange before and dang! I felt like a lost alien there. But luckily, people in Goteburg have a very fluent english. From the bus driver till the shopkeeper, they were all fluent in english. So I have no problems in communicating <3 div="div">

My first destination.
IKEA Backebol.
Been dreaming about this store since .....little! So my parents got bunch of IKEA magz when we lived in Austria when I was just a toddler and its magazines were memorable.
Good, simple, colorful cushions. Lovely.
Good view from the hotel.
A mini square with tram and bus access.
Greatest thing about the transportation there is; it could be accessed online!
The secret so I could arrive safe and sound from my hotel to IKEA was this web >> vassttrafik
I could choose the path to go, with the bus/tram number and with its time.
Super cool!
Random visit to Goteborg station near our hotel.
Same as in France, in Sweden they also use this kind of roof.
To allow sunlight enter the building on a daytime.
Save energy.
Messy me, eating alone at IKEA canteen.
Ha ha ha ha.
View from the canteen.
The canteen has a self-service system.
Drop the dirty cups/plates there and it will flows to the kitchen.
Human resources energy save! Haha
This is the view from Backebol Bus Shelter.
Good thing about policy there;
Big Mart placed outside the city. So the traffic is 'control-able'.
inside IKEA. <3 td="td">

Transparent roof inside the warestore.
Save Energy!
Really. Felt. Nowhere. That Time.
<3 td="td">
all the bike in the main square in front of my hotel.
No wonder the air were just super clean.

So, it's a remarkable experience to go to Sweden, even just to Gothenburg.
All the thing there were just super modern, and clean.
I wonder when my country would be like that; good access in transportation, society-self-consideration of healthy life, high quality of life..


Studio 3, 2nd Project; Following Flow

Been such a long time to not post anything about my college life.
Here is my latest work on studio, my finale work.
So the quest is to make a restaurant.
And on my studio, we got a very interesting challenge from our Lecturer, Mr Jowi, to design a restaurant above a 'gully'. The site does really existed, it is located near our campus, so the thing is we have to go to the real site and do all the measurement, including all the details in the surrounding. Fortunately my studio-mates are all so serious about this project so everything went well and great.
In the end after all the results, our Lecturer looked pretty satisfied with all of our work.
Wish me luck ;p
moi model. The concept is; Following Flow
means that this building will follow the rules of the surroundings.
and the 'rules' are; existence of the trees and existence of the water below the building.
since it means to be built above the gully, it should not damage the watery.
Got details here and there. The thing is, this building is a dynamic, long, shaped one.
With all the different levels on the roof, the guest wouldn't be bored to walk along this long building.
No same level.
Perspective sketch.
Watercolor w pencil.
yes, soft, and comical.
Since the building is super long, I got the bridge connecting the two main buildings.
The left side is for the outdoor one, and the right side is for the indoor one.
So the concept of Following Flow is not only implied in the conceptual sight, but it's also applied on the experience
of the guest, walking along the outdoor area, which is a bright zone, and flowing to the darker side to the indoor area.
Sheet of Site Analysis.
this is how I found the theory of Following Flow which became a main concept of this project.
To analyse a site is one of the first thing to do in designing a building.
Yap, because as our Lecturers has empasized to us, "Architect is a problem solver."
So, we designing a solution.
Level down in the indoor area. 
The interior perspectives.
Left side is the indoor area, and the right side is the outdoor area.
SideView and its structure (above).
Well, let's just hope that all the sweats, insomnia nights, muscles, and time wouldn't go for a waste.
After all, I really enjoy the process :)
Will be missing all my studio mates; Bella with her 90s songs, Arsy with all his JKT/AKB 48 playlists, Syuhudi with his mellow-jazzy breezy songs, Diki with his top 40 jukebox, Anggi with her coldplay+jmayer albums (xx) and Adri with his funny meme face.

xx xoxo


joyeux joyeux 2013

fireworks&celebration on Clarke Quay, Singapore

hello 2013.
been suspending this writing stuffs for so long.
well... what could I say about 2012, a word that describes it is;
and I think I'm AGING

I feel older now. Life has its own challenge on every pathway we chose. 
Thus the challenge is different and in 2012, I turned into 18 years old and realizing life is not as easy as before but I don't mind. Strive it all, mates.

deadlines. events. organizations. getting crazier.
old friends busy and new friends are as hectic as I am. 
but I had bunch of good times, still.

well the most interesting thing on 2012 is;
I went to Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris, Goteborg, and Amsterdam like 3 months ago and checkin' out Singapore this new year eve. I feel so blessed :) Travelling has been my dreams since long ago, walking on different roads of different country. Ah. I wish I could travel more in 2013. It refreshes you. Believe me. 
Even if the yesterdays travel was sponsored by parents (--'_), I wish this year I could be able to be abroad by my own self with my capability.  

2013 will be tougher as I keep aging but yes, fuck em all, be positive++++