things I've done lately

Rabu kemarin libur hari guru...


jerit hati saya, tapi males banget gatau mau ngapain hari itu. bored to the max zz nggak tau siapa yang bisa diajak pergi juga, males melas banget lah. akhirnya saya lihat tembok kamar saya yang masih kosong. ngebuka2 jendela internetchs, dapet inspirasi deh <3>

about 8 AM, nina came to my house; ask me to made a kind of birthday card for her, ehem, bestfriend :P


I made this (above) on the 3rd year of my JHS; UAN stressed out :pp so, I sticked it to my wall

Then, my last work of the day; a greeting card for my door :D
after making those artworks, I felt that this holiday sweat a worth. I love that feeling :-) then I go swimming, alone! so I could be focus and laaaast, craving for j.cool! yeah



moody; abstract mind, bourdained of thoughts
disorientation; nowhere to go, confused by ourselves
labile; sensitive? easy to explode when given a shake

those are three words that I've learnt in this November rain.
how about you? :)

p.s: 2 months&i knw y better :p amin