Sebuah Percakapan Sore Hari

"Well, I don't believe that there is 'itu-jodoh-gue-banget' thing."
"Yup, the only one exist is a person who could make you willing to change and adapt."
"And remember, love is a journey, it's not an end.",
"Carilah orang yang mau dan bisa untuk jalan bersama, face all the challenges altogether.."
"Agree! Tidak ada dua orang yang sebenarnya sangat cocok satu sama lain, yang ada adalah dua orang yang mau saling memerbaiki diri untuk satu sama lain."
"What's love for you?"
"Hmm.. love for my family, my friends, and my oppa! lol"
"Well, it's still far away, 8 years...."
"11 years for me.."
He smiles.

me, sister, and Dad.


The hardest part is to be honest to ourselves.
About the thing we want.
About the thing we hate.
About the thing we can't afford.
About the thing we fail on.
Our mistakes.
Willingness to change.
First smile after a sad long night.


VOL2; Gare Saint-Lazare

Well, hello again ;)
This late Friday night will be about my 2nd day in Paris, and in this post I'll be focusing into my experience in exploring Gare Saint-Lazare, the second biggest train station in Paris, after Gare du Nord. 
This station is another prove of Paris's consistency of taking their heritage building into the modern level. As we could see from my several posts before, there are so many old building that is being re-used for the modern purpose without changing its look. 
The old Gare Saint Lazare is consisted of 3 level building with no good flux inside which cause the non-optimal human circulation in it, there are no open connection between each floor. And finally, several years ago, AREP with Paris's Government revitalite this station. They open the circulation in the middle of the station and make it cleaner and fresher. Another thing I love is, they don't only define train station as a port, but they use it as the attraction of the city.
There we go with some picts ;) 

So this is the front-look of Gare Saint Lazare! It was quiet in the morning that time,  and rainy.
The view we got from Gare Saint Lazare. Wohoo. This is Europe; cold&frosty. :D
Yup, that big bubble is the exit door from the underground tunnel of Gare Saint Lazare! And yes, that's my dad with his backpack.
Bag sculpture.
This is the interior! See, that's the skyline. Before it was renovated, it's a usual roof with no transparent roof.  Energy optimalization everywhere! I wonder when Stasiun Tugu or Stasiun Gambir would be this good ;)
The intra-city train.
Super crowded station. And everyone seems in a hurry. 
Beautiful ceiling tone, beautiful gallery!
We could see the old design stand still.
So this is the 'opening circulation' means. They create voids and connection between the floor which is when it haven't been renovated doesn't exist. With this circulation, there is a chance for the shops to have customers, which means will increase their income, and increase the rent-cost, which is... could be used to maintain the station!
Good shops, and clean, neat area.
Saw this HUGE sculpture in the middle of the station. Aaaand, guess what?! this is a stack of plastic bag.
Here's the underground area.
I found this kind of bike-rental everywhere in the city. And it's super cheap, 20Eur per year.
Beside bikes, they also oftenly use vespa to travel around the small roads in the city.
Traffic situation :D
Back in Saint Lazare! It used to have a connection-bridge between the station (right) and the hotel (left), but now that the hotel guest requesting a privacy, the bridge doesn't have any use and it's not owned by the station nor by the hotel, cause if one of them own it, they got to pay tax for the bridge.
Yup, another transparent roof in its road.
This is the parking lot! I love how it's colored, and how they tend to have full accessability for everyone, from children to difables. FYI, they said that Paris's Government are targeting the full accessability for everyone in 2013 ooor, 2014 if I'm not mistaken. Superb!
They even have a special parking lane for difables (colored blue).
This is the signage. 
Big entrance/exit bubble to Saint-Lazare underground. Morning. Cold. and. Rainy.
That's all for the 2nd day, morning :p
still a lot of things to tell, and I'll try to tell it all to you!
Next; Eiffel&Louvre.



VOL 1; Still, Paris

Well, it's been quiet long time since my last post about moi Une Belle Journee vol 1, well, blame on exams and tasks :p 
So, here I am, again, telling you about my late Journey in Paris.
In the last day, night time, we visit Bercy Village, it's a relatively new shop & cafe complex with a pedestrian-like-atmosphere built from an ex factory. So the buildings there were an old factory that is being revitalized. One more thing I love about the city is; revitalitation everywhere. Old buildings re-used without changing its architectural aspect, and still, it looks modern and shopisticated.
So this is the tram. I love how they place the green grass in the middle of the railway. Super smart.
And this is the underground we use to transfer from AREP to Bercy Village. From the ceiling we we could know that this station is old. Clean, cold, and beautiful.
This is how bercy village looked from outside. Shop shop.
This is the entrance :D Passage Saint Emilion! Kurang lebih, entrance ke jalan Saint Emilion.
Me near the entrance. Champs Saint Emilion!
Small cookies/pastry shop is oftenly found in every corner of the city. You'd love the pastry. Really. It will be as good as you expected a pastry from Paris.
So, this is what inside the bercy village!  It is a long pedestrian with coffee shop, cafe, bistro, and restaurant along the walking path. They even use a 'sheeting' along the skyline, it's been rainy in Paris that time.
We stop by for a lunch at a restaurant named Hippo! Maybe in Indonesia it's like Waroeng Steak -well, more formal-, it's a franchise and it's everywhere. I saw Hippo in Toulouse and some part in Paris too.
This is the interior of Hippo restaurant. Warm warm warm. With many Hipopotamus's statue. ._.
Night scene in Bercy Village. See, you could see that white-bricks building is an ex factory.
Traditional X Modern. Love it!
Cool shop. They sell good furniture and its detail<3 td="td">
Me at the shop :3 I wish I could be livin in Paris and ride vespa along the road  hahaha

That's all for the first day :3


small greetings

random greetings while getting around.



I know it's kinda late to post this. But yea, that I've promised to myself to write all (if possible) my two-weeks experience in some parts of Europe.
So here it goes, 1st day after my arrival in Charles de Gaulle aeroport, Paris, France. Bienvenue<3 p="p">
As my background on Architecture, here are some architecture details in CDG.
the ceiling.
expose on its structure, creating a modern vibe.
as I see, Europe loves glass-shield-building. I assume it's because they wanted  to put in the light as much as it's possible, that as we know there are not much light in Europe, well, compared to Indonesia.

From CDG to Paris, we were travelling by Metro, with a direct trip into Gare Du Nord, the biggest station in Paris Districts. Gare Du Nord has some railways with different modes of train, it has Metro as the city transport, RER as the regional transport, and TGV, which could travel along cities or even countries around Europe.
Here are two picts of Gare Du Nord's interior, as you could see, there is a glass-roof on the ceiling, to expose the natural light and decrease the use of electricity.

Then, here we go to the most favorite part of the day! A visit to AREP Building :D
AREP is a multidisclipinary organization which is concerning on the reinvention of train station. Even so, they were also work on the design and development for the contemporary city which is the nerve center of mobility. What excites me is their point of view about developing. They analize the area and develop it based on its function, history, geography, and its local culture.
Well, back to the building, the office itself is a reinvention of an ex-car-factory, so then the interior style is a bit industrial. Here are some picts;

 AREP's office consist 3 level building with mezanin floor on its level. As you could see, there are a three-level blocks, that's the meeting room!

 This picture above, you could see another type of roof with glass which allows natural lights to enter the building and surely to cut the costs on electricity for lamps.

high ceiling for good air circulation. hundreds of people work in this office.

 yup yup, industrial style.

this is the space for creative works. there are the open space one, and there are the more private one for small meetings.

the most interesting part of the building; there are vegetations! on the left side, is the canteen with warmer vibe than the other spaces. <3 p="p">

That's all for the 1st day!
Will be posting later. Sure.
Au Revoir, A Bientot.




So it's been a long time since my lazy breezy weekend. I almost had my day on for 24/7 these late times. Pretty tiring, but I know it'll worth a good moment.
Such as the last weekend, my department held a Parametric Design Workshop with a great, creative lab named HONFablab. We were grouped into a member of five to create the design in a software, then the design will be realized through a fabrication process. Well, here it goes~
The design was made of MDF. The lab got a big machine named ShopBot that would drill the surface.
After the drilling process is done, time to make the design's pieces neat and clean by sand-paper-machine.
Time to sort the pieces...
....and number the pieces.
Finally, arrange the pieces. Faavourite part. :D
VOILA. *spreading confetti*

Well, it takes two days to accomplish all the workshop. 1st day for making the design and the 2nd day to realized it in Fabrication Process. Fun fun fun.