there's a time when I was screwed up. when I was walking into the crowd and suddenly hate everyone. when I wasn't give a fuck of every speeches people spelled. when tears has lost its boundaries.
Current moods were changing as quick as the ocean's wave. Embarassing how a seventeen year old move its maturity backward.. Or, maybe it's the part of maturity? Well, I never know 'till I lap on few years after.. This adolescence stage still unfinished. With a heavy complicacy, this life goes on. I'm pursuing myself so I could step as fast as the universe blows. I'm in the middle of making some efforts; talk less, say more; whine less, breathe more; hear less, listen more; see less, discover more..



rise against, Indonesia!

Several weeks ago, I got a golden opportunity to interview bunchs of youth, that I think, had captured some parts of man-kind in Indonesia. There's the emotional one, the excited one, the over-excited one, the cool one, the weird one, the wise one, and so on. Some of them are two years younger than me, three, two, one years older than me, and the rest having the same age as me. They may had a very different background with me, but somehow, all of our backgrounds and ages are just demolished by the same vision we had. From this same vision, we're linked on the same spirit. Like a ballerina, when we had the same goal, we'll had the same movement, then we'll hit our perfect rhythm.
Same things to do towards Indonesian youth, that they've to be embedded a belief about Indonesia, a spirit to rise against. I'm so sure that this Mother Pertiwi soon will be great, seen from the very intellegent and the full-spirited youth. The matter is just how to manage and occupied the potential idea of these amazing youngsters, so theirs could be used for Indonesia's development.
There has been so many youth empowerment organizations, whether in a small scale or a big scale, but why did it can't significantly develop our country? I think it's all because there's no link in between these youth empowerment organisations and the government. all of the efforts are independent, and it couldn't actually affect the change which youths want to made, example; car-free day.
In the developed city, transportation thingies are getting barbaric. the demand of personal vehicle are extremely high whether the facilititation of public transportation couldn't subtitute the comfort which personal vehicle gives, and it means: traffic jam&polluted air. when the youth wants to make a kind of change like car-free day, to reduce the pollution&give an awareness towards healthy lifestyle also global warming, they need supports from the government to empower this activity by spurring the citizen.
Those people stand by the name of Government should start to looking up the youth and its potency as a movement, for a better generation and a better development, of course. We had 60 percent of youth/teenager right here in Indonesia, use 'em. We just need a same vision, same belief, we need to be one, to develop our country. Youth and Government side by side doing a change, how great if it could be realized. Rise against, Indonesia. We're half way there, half way to the better future!