I want to see m o r e.

I'm sixteen now. And there's so much things I want to do, so much things I eager to know, so much things I want to show and gazillion I want to learn. I'm thirst for that adventure. My life's good but it's not a sin for wanting more, rite?. I want experiences. Backpacking w/ some friends, ride a car by my own, go to Kalimantan, Lombok, Middle East, and Russia. I want 'em all!
I want to fill my bedroom's wall with my own sketch, buy some roses and place it near my window then smell them every morning. And I want to plant a sunflower on my little garden's soil, want to add some fish into the pond, want to place a bouquet of lavender in the dining room. I want to make a lampoon, a red one, to lit my night so I wouldn't feel alone hahaha
I'm stuck rite now.
I've done some things but I consider so well that those things are not enough. I'll live maximally for about 90 years again, and could be productively having fun for about 8 years then I'll get married (whwhwhat?) --" so, wish me luck to enjoy all of this! as you know, we only live o n c e.



in my cocoon. bored to death.

I'll post this one in Indonesian :)
sekarang saya sedang di kamar, di hari kedua ramadhan taun ini, ditengah matahari yang lagi jion sama bumi, dan saya sedang bosan akut. a long term boredom.. 
"I've nothing to do and I hate that. 
because usually I always had any idea what about to do, 
and I now I just don't" 

males banget menghadapi siang - siang seperti ini. sebenernya kalo ngaji dan belajar malah lebih berpahala ya dibanding nggrundel di blog aaa tapi yaudah lah, namanya juga lagi jauh sama mood bagus. jadi akhirnya saya berakhir diantara picture file saya saat liburan ke Bogor dan Jakarta, actually when I'm pretending to be a master of enviroment and landscape engineer :DDD dengan sedikit sotoshoppin, jadilah beberapa pict ini. here, enjoy :)

jakarta's afternoon polluted sky
the high and the low. capitalism
messy infastructure. I'd love to help when i'm an engineer :p
build. build. build. hey bosses, better you spent your money on improving what the city have had.



hand wave

the sanggar tari dance
bondan and fade 2 black in action

wohoo, finally the school music event's thingie has finished :) I'm kinda miss the crews and also the hectic situations hehe but well, I've got to face the truth that I'm now a third grader (wish me luck in 2010/2011 :D) and I guess I've had enough memories to remember when I'm graduated later. 
I've got enough karaoke time, I've got enough bowling strikes, I've got enough watching movies, I've got enough danger trip far away, I've got enough birthday gatherings, I've got enough gigs-to-go,  I've got enough being out from home all day long and so on. gotta postpone it for a while ;) (ih gayane) haha