It's been a quiet world here on my blog. long time no moaning, or.. brainstorm things, like, random stuffs with no purpose. 'Cause now almost everything that I do has their own purpose. College stuffs, doin' its tasks, and so on and so on, life's becoming a routinity I can't escape.
Dog days are over fellas, 3 months after my entrance to college andddd....... dang! the exams are coming to town. There are three big projects I have to finish by the end of 2011. But thank God we had an awesome music-jam-session at campus, it's been a good yet refreshing time. So, thought I'm ready to goin back to those routine.

hey there, remember?


life after college

Itunes open lyk always; pencils & sharpener are my weapons.
eraser is a must-have saviour.

messy workspace. *sigh*
this is just a beginning. though it'll be hard-yet-long path, I'll enjoy it. Lots of fun awaits. :)



dedicated to you

dedicated to you, a young boy who's blessed to has a dad like him, to you, the tough one.
he never really leave you. he's there, besides you, in your hardest beat of heart, in your rise and in your fall, when things go crazy, and when the sky seems to mourn in gloom.
you'll be okay dear. you'll be okay. you'll be great before you grow old. you'll make him proud.




to infinity and beyond

mungkin memang ga banyak yang bisa melukiskan saya dan kamu.
ga banyak yang tersisa. kecuali kotak - kotak artsy yang kamu kasih ke saya jaman bahula dulu, jaman kita masih sekolah. kotak - kotak yang sering saya buka lagi, saya lihat lagi, dan saya baca lagi isinya.

cuma kita yang tahu tentang kita.

terimakasih untuk pernah dan selalu ada.
*titik dua kurung tutup*



second trial seems to worth nothing.



3 bulan unemployed, jadi remaja gelisah, antara lulus sma dan nunggu masuk kuliah, makes me believe that 'life was just about to prove the universe's theory'. Satu demi satu quote menjadi berfungsi, those pharagraphs I usually read comes true. Biasanya hidup diisi dengan keluhan tentang sekolah dan hal - hal sekitarnya, tapi ternyata semua itu engga ada apa - apanya dibanding 'the life after'. Hidup diluar orang tua, saat kita stands by our own ability jauh lebih rumit dibanding itu.
Hidup dewasa itu tidak se simple yang dibayangkan. Faking feelings itu tidak ada rampungnya, dimana faking feelings itu sudah tidak buruk lagi. Memang untuk hidup kedepannya kita ga bisa segamblang sekarang, curcol di twitter, nge galau dan lain - lain. Ngebayangin deh, kalau orang tua saya moodnya disembur2 secara gamblang, pasti udah hancur berantakan deh urusan mereka. They keep their probs on their own. Masalah kerja ya masalah kerja, rumah ya rumah. Emotion placement. That is what keeps their life in sanity.
Ini semua masalah jaga perasaan #tssah. Saya jaga, kamu juga. Gimana caranya supaya ga ada gesekan di antaranya. And I believe that this kind of 'human-to-human-relationship' perlu pembelajaran seumur hidup. Butuh insentif seumur hidup juga buat ngejalaninnya.



and the night flaws without any objection_

if this is about a milky way, yes, you're not the sun - the central blow - , neither the jupiter. You're the saturn, not the biggest, or the most influentive. But your gravity is enough to convulse my universe, yet your icy ring coud tear apart my asteroid bushes. Why can't you just understand?




 there's a time when I was screwed up. when I was walking into the crowd and suddenly hate everyone. when I wasn't give a fuck of every speeches people spelled. when tears has lost its boundaries.
Current moods were changing as quick as the ocean's wave. Embarassing how a seventeen year old move its maturity backward.. Or, maybe it's the part of maturity? Well, I never know 'till I lap on few years after.. This adolescence stage still unfinished. With a heavy complicacy, this life goes on. I'm pursuing myself so I could step as fast as the universe blows. I'm in the middle of making some efforts; talk less, say more; whine less, breathe more; hear less, listen more; see less, discover more..



rise against, Indonesia!

Several weeks ago, I got a golden opportunity to interview bunchs of youth, that I think, had captured some parts of man-kind in Indonesia. There's the emotional one, the excited one, the over-excited one, the cool one, the weird one, the wise one, and so on. Some of them are two years younger than me, three, two, one years older than me, and the rest having the same age as me. They may had a very different background with me, but somehow, all of our backgrounds and ages are just demolished by the same vision we had. From this same vision, we're linked on the same spirit. Like a ballerina, when we had the same goal, we'll had the same movement, then we'll hit our perfect rhythm.
Same things to do towards Indonesian youth, that they've to be embedded a belief about Indonesia, a spirit to rise against. I'm so sure that this Mother Pertiwi soon will be great, seen from the very intellegent and the full-spirited youth. The matter is just how to manage and occupied the potential idea of these amazing youngsters, so theirs could be used for Indonesia's development.
There has been so many youth empowerment organizations, whether in a small scale or a big scale, but why did it can't significantly develop our country? I think it's all because there's no link in between these youth empowerment organisations and the government. all of the efforts are independent, and it couldn't actually affect the change which youths want to made, example; car-free day.
In the developed city, transportation thingies are getting barbaric. the demand of personal vehicle are extremely high whether the facilititation of public transportation couldn't subtitute the comfort which personal vehicle gives, and it means: traffic jam&polluted air. when the youth wants to make a kind of change like car-free day, to reduce the pollution&give an awareness towards healthy lifestyle also global warming, they need supports from the government to empower this activity by spurring the citizen.
Those people stand by the name of Government should start to looking up the youth and its potency as a movement, for a better generation and a better development, of course. We had 60 percent of youth/teenager right here in Indonesia, use 'em. We just need a same vision, same belief, we need to be one, to develop our country. Youth and Government side by side doing a change, how great if it could be realized. Rise against, Indonesia. We're half way there, half way to the better future!



post schoolstorm

things I've done lately

so happy that the schoolstorms has end. yea that schoolstorm; nat exam, snmptn, graduation, college regist and elses.
and so happy, and thankful, I'm now your architect buddy at gadjah mada ;) hope I could enjoy my college time as I do with my highschool's, amin!
well, so here I am, trying to doing something useful for the next three months. college would start on september, and today is still June --.--  I'm planning to earn some money with my folks, spend fun times with friends&boyf, and do some social stuffs with IFL (a kind of youth empowerment independent org.) hope it all could work well, fellas ;)



self assure

so, this is the short story; got drown in tears in a whole day, couldn't sleep well, even I was crying in my sleep. so pathetic. I know. that was the first time I free-fall so hard, could't hold any single tears. it just drown me. till I was tired of crying. I tried to memorize the funny things, works, for some seconds, the rest was just a flood of tears came from my eyes. Then I was trying to listened to my playlist, a happy playlist. works, for some minutes, the rest was just a flash-back time, pathetic. Finally, I read. it works. till now. feel so better after that. I read a lot, magazines, comics, novels. so helping. then I picture all of my thoughts, trying to visualize all of those forlon into a new hope; fight the future series. enjoy :)

I'll fight the future, for you, for us, universe.

life's may grew complicately. somehow we gotta do what we want, push all the limit, cause actually the limitation comes from here, from our heart, be brave. love what we do, do what we love, we hand our fortune. cause there will be no end in this universe, in our aftermath. what we're always have is chapters. one chapter, two, hundreds, thousands chapters of our life. we just need to open them, one by one.

for all of the postponed obsession. for all of the hanging dreams. liebe from this girl. liebe. 5 cm liebe. stay close.



"Dear Allah, please bless this girl, for whatever she's praying for, bless her for whatever she's doing show her right path of her life, please do betterment about all of her life. Love her so much that You will protect her from sins. Give her a value of a great journey in the world." -Adnina Hariningrum. Amin<3
>>Ginger Ninja - Sunshine

Sixteen had been an awesome age of mine. It started like 'sublime' and ended toughly. It was a transformation from the fun phase on my 2nd into the hard phase through all the struggle on my 3rd year. A whole process. I came out as a catterpillar and I'm willing to change into a butterfly. You might say it's a total cliche, but it's just how it is, how it's happen. There's a lot of ups and downs. There's a lot of individualism and end-up-depress.
Well, I'm not gonna talk as if I've finish highschool and all of the struggle. So, let me please you for a good wish on graduation&univ entrance. Let me be as progressful as a triangle, as tough as an antler, and as calm as a deer. I bet my seventeenth year would be more awesome. Step into the next level of maturity. More change, more challenge, more responsibility, more downs, and more ups, with college life, driving license, and of course a citizen card ;)

P.S: thanks fellas//boyf for yer surprises//gifts. they w-o-r-k so well. xoxo






we started clean then grew in a riot. together. all of this perception about you changed. but this heart isn't.


this was my first post on tumblr. posted like somewhen on April, 2010.
now it's been a year&you're still the one that drops me like a heavy rain, and light me like a supermoon on the summer