we was playing on three line :-0 the bowling arena was suddenly get so noisy with our existences there hahaha it was very fun! I was point for two strike B-)


happy burstday, mocin

happy birthday ayusarita! she's seventeen now.
seventeen is an important year. It has to be surprising, fascinating haha because I think, seventeen (espescially for a girl) is a year that marks a maturity of a teenager. in seventeen years, you could drive yer own car. you could watch a plus film hahaha (it's a lie, those age parenting is just bullshit, isn't it?) ;p
hope you'll have a good year, pal!

made by me, him, anna, nina :)


sixteen :-)

happy birthday to me.

that day was a great day to pass. even there's no him around hehe. family sang a happy birthday when I woke up. friends give me some gifts, ririe&mas didot with their puzzle, nina and her shirt, anna and the toy paper, and the rewooos, wulan sinta izan uma sandy abel wanti maya ami erlina tia ayang rini, gave me a hand made lamp, and the rest gave me a burst of school pond's water and i'm goin wet -,.- 
and then I got home. took a shower. go to my mom's room. but then home's bell rang. my sister said that there's my friend outside. and then I came out. well there's him out there, standing, holding a plate of birthday cake, smiles to me. surprised. he said that he was goin out from city in the morning. and then he did a confession, week before that he acted like a shit ass, so annoying, full of badmood, and then he confessed that it was all for surprise. oh how I hate him that time haha and he gave me those picture above. it's from canvas, in black and white paint. again, thanky-o-u dude :-)

well now, it's almost a month I'm being a sixteen yeats old quirks. hope it would be a great year to pass and to learn. good start must be have a good end too, rite? xxxxo