morning world

this is my lousy t-shirt. it was my mother's. it's so comfortable even if it was ripped in several places hahaha the older tee you have, the more comfort to wear, rite?
hmm now it's 9 and a half hour. now it's already night. but lemme say goodmorning, an acronym for spirit. this is day minus twoooooooo for VOTE#10. Can't wait!! :-) It must be really joyable!


in Love

I'm so much in Love rite nowwww

found this Electro/Indie Pop band from Northern Ireland on Last.fm website. Downloaded their song titled Something Good Can Work and suddenly just love its beat  and somehow the vocalis's accent (Y) Woohoo, a new band to listen for sure!
me like Something Good Can Work. You're Not Stubborn, Undercover Martyn, What You Know, and I Can Talk<3




für den roten Himmel blaue Luftballons candy Gras gelbe Sonne Meer Green Ocean Vögel violetten Lilien Blume Land regen Filme Musiken iPod Computer-grau schwarz weiss zebra girrafe Photoshop Eis Kamera All Time Low Hellogoodbye Kunst Skizzenbuch Turnschuhe Gummischuhe Pink Orange Pfirsich Joghurt Donuts Scanner glow in the dunkle Fläche Sofa Magazin Pop-up-Kaffee-Tee Vitamin C Wolke Wind die Bäume und die wilden und alle wegen meiner Lieblingsbeschäftigungen.

Ich vermisse dich

pour le ciel rouge bleu bonbons ballons de la mer d'herbe jaune soleil vert oiseaux océan violet fleur de lys terres films pluie musiques iPod ordinateur gris noir blanc photoshop girrafe zèbre crème glacée appareil tous all time low hellogoodbye art chaussures en caoutchouc sketchbook espadrilles rose pêche yaourt orange beignets scanners brillent dans le sombre pop magazine avion canapé au café de vitamine C thé nuage brise les arbres et les sauvages et toutes les raisons de mes choses préférées.

Tu me manques

for the red sky blue balloons candy grass yellow sun sea green ocean birds violet lily flower land rain movies musics iPod computer gray black white zebra girrafe photoshop ice cream camera all time low hellogoodbye art sketchbook sneakers rubber shoes pink orange peach yoghurt donuts  scanners glow in the dark plane sofa magazine pop up coffee tea vitamin C cloud breeze the trees and the wild and all the sake of my favorite things.




 "Adieu saison qui finissez
Vous nous reviendrez aussi tendres"
 I know that death would finally come to our life. that death is something that exist in this universe. and that death is not just surreal. As surreal as when I saw your dead body placed inside the sepulcher's burrow, just about 4 days ago. I still remember it very well. It's like implicitly reminds me that we're so busy live in with our earth borne body, so busy pampering the outside without remembering that finally what we take is only those pieces of white fabric, and our advantage for the others, our knowledge.
I believe my God. I believe my religion. I believe that there would be a life after death, that soul is immortal. And our body is just a package of it. So then, with smile and readiness, I wish you a better life there. Your visibilities may bounded by time and destiny, but your knowledge would last. May your soul rest on His side, Grandpa :)
"Farewell season has finished
You will return to us as tender"