hey there

hey there,
I miss all of our dream
when we stared out together
our plan for the future
and our chit chat about this complicated life

hey there,
where you've been
may you don't even care about me
about all the castle we've built inside our brain

now we're the different person
we're go strike the through with our
own ways
you with yours
and me with mine

you hate the rule, you break it
I hate the rule, I do it
I try to be this acceptable
may now I'm going to be naive, being this fake

you groan all the time
I scream out loud
then I try to harmonizing every different mosaic
every another aspect we crash
where're you my dear fellas?
you don't even remind me when I'm losing out this thought
you hang me on this matter, alone

dear you, I miss you and all of our big kite on the sky

blah z

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