remembering summerswing :)

welcome to the VVVVVVVVIP row :p

haha my sweaty hair :B

i'm wif the peace sign!

i don't know. this night i just got remember to the Summerswing. i just love this event haha well, after those cynical thingie from the alumnus, then those kind of protest from some students, those bad misunderstanding wif another program, almost-boycott, and tons of another 'candy' memories.
first thing we discussed about for this event is just how to make it different, how to make it WOW, and how to give the outsiders another view about our school. that besides those science club, religion club, we still have this, an appreciation for music and art. we just want to show that 'hey, we also have this side'. that's my point of view. first, it just go on so good. all of us were so onfire. we're so excited, to began a new revolution and make people see, the another side.
till it's in the middle. meeting by meeting. discussion by discussion. there's no conclusion on evry of our meeting. it's just filled up by laughing or out of topic things. we're not working together. no feeling. we're not onfire again. we yelled. we talk bad things we don't know. we just unsatisfied and wooried. while another program seems so great, and just work as it used to, we just felt so small. we're very bonded from the outside but empty in the inside. LOL
but lucky us, in the end. very end. in the D Day................ I felt so onfire. two days before the Day, I was totally sickkkkk. totally. I'm on the bed all the time. listen to the slow song, tried to sleep well, so i would have some energy. felt dizzy. coughing. vommit. zzzzz. im just so scared that i wouldn't get into the Day. i just want it so badly. so i ate everything. i drank hot tea, ate those veggies and fruits blablabla. and voila for God sake. thanks. in the Day and D-1 i can attend this event and work as the best as i can :)
although aftr SS 09 was held, there is some, hmm i mean many comments. i don't feel sad. i just like this event. though there're some subjective bad comments from other school or what. i just feel whatever. there're some good comments too, i mean. it's our first time and i thinks we should be focus on the good cmmnts, to move us on. and for the bad ones, that's just for correction and we'd better stay cool than respond it on. just waste the time and energy :p peace all. thnks fr yer respond, but see it again and take a look at yer mirror.
last, i just want to say thanks for all of the crew. thnks fr the mmries anyway. you're all doin' great. and i love my school. and gogogo for 2009.


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