as ramadhan goes by


now it's been 3 days of ramadhan. 3 days of keeping the emotion and hunger

1st day of ramadhan. I spent it all alone zzzz the buka puasa, the tarweh hemmmm. that saturday, what i've been doing is just go to the school doing the 'penerimaan anggota baru'. accompanied the 10th grader to do their booklet.

"dis, how about we do the once year buber today?'
"well idk, guess no. monday better"

i thought that 1st day of buka puasa should be with our family. cause later, there's must be much of other buber rite?

well then, i went home and got my body so tired aand sleepy. and actually my parents would go to my cousin's health-celebration (idk what's the word :B). well im so sleepy and i want to get sleep cause i want to goo to the tarweh with the eyes open -and to not got mad because it takes so loooong time- hm. and so they left me.

so there i am. sleep until adzan maghrib. turn on the Tv and eat all alone. hm yeah i felt pathetic for a second, but i just pretend to be okay and it's work :D then i do the maghrib and board off my house to do the tarweh.

im kind of proud of myself that i can through the day alone. and my tarweh's pray was more, idk, more relaxing.

thanks for the 1st day of ramadhan, actually.


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