"Adieu saison qui finissez
Vous nous reviendrez aussi tendres"
 I know that death would finally come to our life. that death is something that exist in this universe. and that death is not just surreal. As surreal as when I saw your dead body placed inside the sepulcher's burrow, just about 4 days ago. I still remember it very well. It's like implicitly reminds me that we're so busy live in with our earth borne body, so busy pampering the outside without remembering that finally what we take is only those pieces of white fabric, and our advantage for the others, our knowledge.
I believe my God. I believe my religion. I believe that there would be a life after death, that soul is immortal. And our body is just a package of it. So then, with smile and readiness, I wish you a better life there. Your visibilities may bounded by time and destiny, but your knowledge would last. May your soul rest on His side, Grandpa :)
"Farewell season has finished
You will return to us as tender"


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