I want to see m o r e.

I'm sixteen now. And there's so much things I want to do, so much things I eager to know, so much things I want to show and gazillion I want to learn. I'm thirst for that adventure. My life's good but it's not a sin for wanting more, rite?. I want experiences. Backpacking w/ some friends, ride a car by my own, go to Kalimantan, Lombok, Middle East, and Russia. I want 'em all!
I want to fill my bedroom's wall with my own sketch, buy some roses and place it near my window then smell them every morning. And I want to plant a sunflower on my little garden's soil, want to add some fish into the pond, want to place a bouquet of lavender in the dining room. I want to make a lampoon, a red one, to lit my night so I wouldn't feel alone hahaha
I'm stuck rite now.
I've done some things but I consider so well that those things are not enough. I'll live maximally for about 90 years again, and could be productively having fun for about 8 years then I'll get married (whwhwhat?) --" so, wish me luck to enjoy all of this! as you know, we only live o n c e.


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