finally, we made it! 
it's been a long long dream for me and my fellow Nina, to hv a random summer photoshoots in a random place. every school-long-holiday time since our 10th grade, we were always talk about it, but we never made it, dan selalu nyadarnya baru akhir liburan waktu udah mepet masuk sekolah hahaha!
and thennn, this year's Ramadhan Holiday, we finally made it *hurray.
modal keseloan dan keisengan, we kidnapped our friend Irene in the middle of very bright noon, and sharp drive towards the south. after a long drive (sampe gempor kaki gueh), then we found this place above the bridge, with a vast river and grasses. somewhere in south YK, arah ke Parangtritis.
been in YK for 18 yrs, and I still discover sumthin new. super awsum!

clear sky along the bridge. what a feeling!
super lucky there were a 'getek' sailing along the river. jump in!
climb up up up to the road. changing venue~

the 2nd venue is super dry. 
but we're happy. :D

let's explore the city!

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