So it's been a long time since my lazy breezy weekend. I almost had my day on for 24/7 these late times. Pretty tiring, but I know it'll worth a good moment.
Such as the last weekend, my department held a Parametric Design Workshop with a great, creative lab named HONFablab. We were grouped into a member of five to create the design in a software, then the design will be realized through a fabrication process. Well, here it goes~
The design was made of MDF. The lab got a big machine named ShopBot that would drill the surface.
After the drilling process is done, time to make the design's pieces neat and clean by sand-paper-machine.
Time to sort the pieces...
....and number the pieces.
Finally, arrange the pieces. Faavourite part. :D
VOILA. *spreading confetti*

Well, it takes two days to accomplish all the workshop. 1st day for making the design and the 2nd day to realized it in Fabrication Process. Fun fun fun.


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