I know it's kinda late to post this. But yea, that I've promised to myself to write all (if possible) my two-weeks experience in some parts of Europe.
So here it goes, 1st day after my arrival in Charles de Gaulle aeroport, Paris, France. Bienvenue<3 p="p">
As my background on Architecture, here are some architecture details in CDG.
the ceiling.
expose on its structure, creating a modern vibe.
as I see, Europe loves glass-shield-building. I assume it's because they wanted  to put in the light as much as it's possible, that as we know there are not much light in Europe, well, compared to Indonesia.

From CDG to Paris, we were travelling by Metro, with a direct trip into Gare Du Nord, the biggest station in Paris Districts. Gare Du Nord has some railways with different modes of train, it has Metro as the city transport, RER as the regional transport, and TGV, which could travel along cities or even countries around Europe.
Here are two picts of Gare Du Nord's interior, as you could see, there is a glass-roof on the ceiling, to expose the natural light and decrease the use of electricity.

Then, here we go to the most favorite part of the day! A visit to AREP Building :D
AREP is a multidisclipinary organization which is concerning on the reinvention of train station. Even so, they were also work on the design and development for the contemporary city which is the nerve center of mobility. What excites me is their point of view about developing. They analize the area and develop it based on its function, history, geography, and its local culture.
Well, back to the building, the office itself is a reinvention of an ex-car-factory, so then the interior style is a bit industrial. Here are some picts;

 AREP's office consist 3 level building with mezanin floor on its level. As you could see, there are a three-level blocks, that's the meeting room!

 This picture above, you could see another type of roof with glass which allows natural lights to enter the building and surely to cut the costs on electricity for lamps.

high ceiling for good air circulation. hundreds of people work in this office.

 yup yup, industrial style.

this is the space for creative works. there are the open space one, and there are the more private one for small meetings.

the most interesting part of the building; there are vegetations! on the left side, is the canteen with warmer vibe than the other spaces. <3 p="p">

That's all for the 1st day!
Will be posting later. Sure.
Au Revoir, A Bientot.


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