VOL 1; Still, Paris

Well, it's been quiet long time since my last post about moi Une Belle Journee vol 1, well, blame on exams and tasks :p 
So, here I am, again, telling you about my late Journey in Paris.
In the last day, night time, we visit Bercy Village, it's a relatively new shop & cafe complex with a pedestrian-like-atmosphere built from an ex factory. So the buildings there were an old factory that is being revitalized. One more thing I love about the city is; revitalitation everywhere. Old buildings re-used without changing its architectural aspect, and still, it looks modern and shopisticated.
So this is the tram. I love how they place the green grass in the middle of the railway. Super smart.
And this is the underground we use to transfer from AREP to Bercy Village. From the ceiling we we could know that this station is old. Clean, cold, and beautiful.
This is how bercy village looked from outside. Shop shop.
This is the entrance :D Passage Saint Emilion! Kurang lebih, entrance ke jalan Saint Emilion.
Me near the entrance. Champs Saint Emilion!
Small cookies/pastry shop is oftenly found in every corner of the city. You'd love the pastry. Really. It will be as good as you expected a pastry from Paris.
So, this is what inside the bercy village!  It is a long pedestrian with coffee shop, cafe, bistro, and restaurant along the walking path. They even use a 'sheeting' along the skyline, it's been rainy in Paris that time.
We stop by for a lunch at a restaurant named Hippo! Maybe in Indonesia it's like Waroeng Steak -well, more formal-, it's a franchise and it's everywhere. I saw Hippo in Toulouse and some part in Paris too.
This is the interior of Hippo restaurant. Warm warm warm. With many Hipopotamus's statue. ._.
Night scene in Bercy Village. See, you could see that white-bricks building is an ex factory.
Traditional X Modern. Love it!
Cool shop. They sell good furniture and its detail<3 td="td">
Me at the shop :3 I wish I could be livin in Paris and ride vespa along the road  hahaha

That's all for the first day :3

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