holding my future

"your future is in your hand, exactly"
said my parents.

I thought that my struggle was enough for this semester. I thought I've tried my best, Iam breaking my leg as it could be. I thought.

I said so as my excuse to them, but they just say, "okay, so then we don't think that work hard is a special thing" "it is what we used to struggle"

I had no more excuse, I'm dying, I'm a waste, I'm dead

"If you said that you've struggle so crazy, but you still got this kinda score, means that you said that you aren't able. Meanwhile, we believe that you're able to get a better score"

This is the first time in my high school stories that they seems so disappointed. So sorry.

At least i've tried. And yes I'm failed here, now, today.
But not that 6 months forward.
I want to reach my star outter this space.

"Back to when we started, losing who we were.

Maybe we should only tip a bottle back to keep us filled up

Back to when we started, losing who we were.

Everybody knows that you'd break your neck to keep your chin up"

Thanks for Nina and Ririe for lit a little candle in my mind :)


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