artsy fancy

things me did lately :)
exam over, nothing to do.
while I was waiting my report -__-

this is for Dioooooooh
a good luck piece from me hehe


this is for Sintaaaaa, my classmate
Nina, Sandy, Anna hit my house. Sinta is a person that good at memorising someone's bday, so we want to give her something. We are LACK of money. So me and them decided to make this kinda box-home-alike. Pocket friendly \m/


You're 52 years OLD. please take care of our new junior, they're a bit, ehm, nasty (not all). teach em ya? :p
Okay, ask me what is this. Some guys said it is a Sperm -________- it is tottaly not. It's a WHAAAALE!
*by the way, I heart the red whale, soswehhhhhht*
fin fin fin fin fin
need money money money moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
blah $

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