"Dear Allah, please bless this girl, for whatever she's praying for, bless her for whatever she's doing show her right path of her life, please do betterment about all of her life. Love her so much that You will protect her from sins. Give her a value of a great journey in the world." -Adnina Hariningrum. Amin<3
>>Ginger Ninja - Sunshine

Sixteen had been an awesome age of mine. It started like 'sublime' and ended toughly. It was a transformation from the fun phase on my 2nd into the hard phase through all the struggle on my 3rd year. A whole process. I came out as a catterpillar and I'm willing to change into a butterfly. You might say it's a total cliche, but it's just how it is, how it's happen. There's a lot of ups and downs. There's a lot of individualism and end-up-depress.
Well, I'm not gonna talk as if I've finish highschool and all of the struggle. So, let me please you for a good wish on graduation&univ entrance. Let me be as progressful as a triangle, as tough as an antler, and as calm as a deer. I bet my seventeenth year would be more awesome. Step into the next level of maturity. More change, more challenge, more responsibility, more downs, and more ups, with college life, driving license, and of course a citizen card ;)

P.S: thanks fellas//boyf for yer surprises//gifts. they w-o-r-k so well. xoxo


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