self assure

so, this is the short story; got drown in tears in a whole day, couldn't sleep well, even I was crying in my sleep. so pathetic. I know. that was the first time I free-fall so hard, could't hold any single tears. it just drown me. till I was tired of crying. I tried to memorize the funny things, works, for some seconds, the rest was just a flood of tears came from my eyes. Then I was trying to listened to my playlist, a happy playlist. works, for some minutes, the rest was just a flash-back time, pathetic. Finally, I read. it works. till now. feel so better after that. I read a lot, magazines, comics, novels. so helping. then I picture all of my thoughts, trying to visualize all of those forlon into a new hope; fight the future series. enjoy :)

I'll fight the future, for you, for us, universe.

life's may grew complicately. somehow we gotta do what we want, push all the limit, cause actually the limitation comes from here, from our heart, be brave. love what we do, do what we love, we hand our fortune. cause there will be no end in this universe, in our aftermath. what we're always have is chapters. one chapter, two, hundreds, thousands chapters of our life. we just need to open them, one by one.

for all of the postponed obsession. for all of the hanging dreams. liebe from this girl. liebe. 5 cm liebe. stay close.


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