joyeux joyeux 2013

fireworks&celebration on Clarke Quay, Singapore

hello 2013.
been suspending this writing stuffs for so long.
well... what could I say about 2012, a word that describes it is;
and I think I'm AGING

I feel older now. Life has its own challenge on every pathway we chose. 
Thus the challenge is different and in 2012, I turned into 18 years old and realizing life is not as easy as before but I don't mind. Strive it all, mates.

deadlines. events. organizations. getting crazier.
old friends busy and new friends are as hectic as I am. 
but I had bunch of good times, still.

well the most interesting thing on 2012 is;
I went to Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris, Goteborg, and Amsterdam like 3 months ago and checkin' out Singapore this new year eve. I feel so blessed :) Travelling has been my dreams since long ago, walking on different roads of different country. Ah. I wish I could travel more in 2013. It refreshes you. Believe me. 
Even if the yesterdays travel was sponsored by parents (--'_), I wish this year I could be able to be abroad by my own self with my capability.  

2013 will be tougher as I keep aging but yes, fuck em all, be positive++++


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