Adelaide Festivessss~

So, good night lads!
It's 12.08 at night here but I ... just don't feel like sleeping! Haha. And too bad I use this apartment's computer cause I left my laptop on the campus locker (d'oh).
So I just've been through another crazy week here in Adelaide. You know, usually when uni-time started, it's used to be slow at the first time, but nope nope in here we have to doubled our work 'cause student have to really find all the assignment's sources by themselves, yup we could ask our tutors or lectures, but mostly we have to work it by ourselves.
Well, let's just end this uni thing and start sharin pics I like!

This is from my early weeks photos, there is a festival called Adelaide Fringe, in this is
one of the spot, in front of South Australia Museum :D

This is a free comedy show in the Adelaide Fringe!
Besides comedy show and mini theatre, there was also a contemporary dance.
Lovely lighting at Adelaide Fringe King William Street. Superb.
Back on these days, Adelaide City Council just had a program to make Adelaide as a vibrant city, so along the King William Street, they held a 'pop-market'.
Above is the Popcorn stall at the Sunday Night Market.
Below is what inside the stall. Super cute.

Sunday Night Market food stalls in the afternoon! It's full of food  and there was free music!
Sunday Night Market when the sun goes downnnn.
Sunday Night Market.

See ya!


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