My school were holding a study trip in Pangandaran. 4 days. research. we. the students. about three weeks ago!
even firstly it was heard like so 'e-u-w-h'. it's really fun actually. here's the pict :-)

economic train. so hot. but music helps anyway

after 5 hours train trip. 1 hour bus trip. small bus. raining


day 1; research

my team's research is about goa rengganis. to go there, we had to rent a boat!

this is the isle we pass. me and hera (my team mates) love it so much!

before we went to goa rengganis, the guide took us to some other cave.OK, finally, RENGGANIS :) we took some sample then went to our hotel back.

in the afternoon. we bike a tandem around the beach. drinking degan and footstepping in a shore!
midnight laugh!

day 2; research? what is that?
snorkling with classmates&friends!
above; seeing the pangandaran shore

climb into the waterfall!
the waterfall was great! kesananya aja udah bikin melengos. 2 hours full walking with just 3 bottles of aqua! buat sebelas orang \m/ nyampe sana hujan, pulangnya busyet licin gitu naik guunung. cool <3



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