can't get enough of

since we know that her stage performance is always unpredictable, I was just curious about what she would perform, in a country like this, like Indonesia. With her eccentric fashion taste and blah blah blah, and about her stage decoration! viva la just dance

got her web from BabyBoss magazine! I like the way she mix a pencil art with fashion daily. It was just artsy. Heart the idea, combining a pure pencil art with watercolor! brilliant, isn't it?

I have a friends that looks like RUSSEL, funny, chubby, and silly haha I always laugh when she shouts 'good afternoon, my name is Russel', or 'I'm the one blablabla should be explored, Gaa Gaaa, RAWR!'. Really a stress-free theraphy. And since our journal club, sigma, like to repeat that scene, we made a new tagline too.... 'Sigma, should be explored! Gaa Gaa RAWR'

since that wi - fi is just everywhere, and since that my phone could catch its signal, and since I couldn't be far of my phone, I can't get enough of tweeting. Sounds trashy, rite? Your tweet your bear, but also your news. If I got boring, open it up make you seems not alone. trust me

i'm hungry!

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