pee wee gaskinssssss :)

Todaaaaaaaaay. hem, call me mendesa. but i felt so glad this day! yeaaaaaaah. I met Pee Wee Gaskins and asking asking (sbut aja wawancr) :))
sbnerny nyesel bgt, knapa g kmaren aj wkt sblm episentrum, biar komplet gtu hloo!yaudah, buat plajarn bsok2nya aja. this is our picts! :)

pict 1. lagak ai ma mb wulan sok2 nanya; pict 2. hasem mas vare foto privat, hmme; pict 3. haha sign here please!; pict 4. FB FB FB :)); pict 5. yeah!!!!
eya, ptamanya we thought that they're a bit arrogant. but we were all wrong haha they quiet down to earth and friendly. whoaaa it just a fun to interviewed them


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