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Hem, i don't know. No comment for this night -.- is it fun, is it boring, is it freshening? I don't have any idea. Let's see. Tonight I went out with my JHS friends (FYI they're a couple). It's been fun, yeah you know. We talked about what happen to our old friends and our high school. A bit nostalgia. We were having enough fun, we ate, and we walked. I am losing my boredom, a little bit. And I just like it. haha miss you all guys. Thanks for your annoynes, your advices, and your ear :-B
Minutes by minutes, we just talked all over about our school (we're in different school). I talked, yelled, about the boredom in my school. Everything's just good, kind, safe and sound. But that's the problem, i thought. that's just not-so-high school. i don't feel like a growing up teenager. i just feel like a, hm, student and worker. i don't feel the high-school-never-end's things. Let me say to you, my high school is a little different. yes, the area, the zone of it, is very comfortable and supportive for all of the student. we have a scheduled time, scheduled program, and a very very good attitude. But, it's normal huh? to got a bit boredom of this very good daily life.
Sometimes, I just felt like I wanna go somewhere, disappear for a moment. Maybe, this is what people said about depressed. At this node, I always remember a quote : God always give you something that you can handle, so don't stressed. It works. It cheers me up :)
Oh god. This is just high school. And high school is just a little part of my whole life. Hm, I'm already entering this part. Maybe I should just enjoy it and taking the happiness of it, because I can't get out of it.
Call me hyperbolic. But this is just a little voice of mine.


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