too night

yeah, tonight is just too night and I am still awake :D

tonight I'll be the director! aha! this is my show :

da da da da........!

my computer board screams at me : HEY THIS IS 12.48 AM!
my brain worked out : WHAT DO YOU DO? Just realize, your body is snoring out
my feet rolled their eyes : Hmph, it's boring and tiring, yew know?
my fingers yelled at me : Oh GOD!! We need a rest. This girl is crazy!
my pants : speechless, hoahm
my eyes worked so hard : Please please please! Those colors and lights are making us going crazy! I just can't resist that. Oh no
my throat zipped out : mmmmmmmm-mad. Mm-y vvo-ice is g-g-gon-ne
and finally... (1.01 AM)
my mouth yawned : hoahm
my finger pushed in start button and selected 'Shut down'
my right hand closed up my yawning mouth
and my left hand touch the night lamp on button
my feet walked me into the room light button and made it off mode
my hands were touching my face
my face was so weird
my left hand were brings out my blanket
and my body just lay down on my bed
then my right hand reached my handphone
my finger touch the Walkman button, sleep mode, and placed it back above my pillow
take position, fly to my dream
finally finally my eyes were closed
and my night dream was just started


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